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“If you have done your research and have decided that a Shiloh Shepherd is definitely the dog that you are wanting to add to your family then please contact us by phone or email. You can download the Pre-Adoption Application For Puppies, fill it out, and email it to us. The more you tell us about yourself and your family, your lifestyle, and what you would like to do with your pup, the better idea we will have of what kind of puppy would do well in your home. If you decide that you want to be on the list for one of our puppies, and if we think you would provide a great home for one of these amazing puppies, then we will email you the appropriate forms: Sales Contract (all puppies); X-Ray & Spay/Neuter Agreement (Pet Quality); Co-Ownership Contract (Breed Quality female puppy); or Breeder’s Agreement (Breed Quality male puppy).”

Deposits & Full Payment
* The cost of our Shilohs is US$2,000 (pet - spay/neuter required) or US$2700 (breed quality - co-own or breeders agreement required) plus $100 to help microchipping. A $500 deposit is required. This helps to separate the people who are genuinely committed to getting a pup as opposed to those who are just kind of interested. If we do not produce what you are looking for (i.e. you are looking for a male and litter is all females) then the deposit will be gladly refunded. If you change your mind or decide to go with another breeder/breed then the deposit is non-refundable (as we would have turned away other clients due to your commitment). You may also send full payment which reserves your position in the list of people waiting for a pup.
* As demand is usually greater than supply and litters tend to sell out, we recommend you reserve or secure a puppy early, this is especially true of breed quality pups as the supply of these pups is generally not as plentiful in any given litter.

Payment Options for deposits and pre-payments: Money Order or PayPal (additional 3% added to cover transaction fees).

How is my puppy picked?
We are often asked why clients can't pick their own pups from the litter. Shilohs are not placed as most other breeds. The breeder does not go down the list in application order and let you pick a puppy or just hand out any puppy. We want to place the right puppy with the right people. This saves, say, someone who really wants a laid back couch potato dog from getting the most outgoing, energetic pup in the litter as THAT is the pup that is often the first one to run up to new people, not because he 'likes you' but because he thinks he owns the world! If he were to go to laid back people, he would be too energetic and would not get what he needs to become the dog that he was meant to be. In a home with, perhaps a runner where the pup gets to burn off some excess energy every day, he would be happy and be a great dog to live with.

This process is started with your application and conversations with the breeder. Suppose you want a puppy that cuddles, wants to stay with you all the time, but is an “up” personality for going on long walks and will play ball. You want this dog to also be fearless with strange situations. You only want a male and you want a plush coat. You don’t really care about color but really like the brown/gold sables. These are your requirements and this is the puppy the breeder wants to give you.

This is accomplished with the LER (Litter Evaluation Report) which is done at eight weeks. Each puppy goes through a temperament test which tells the evaluator what kind of temperament the pup has (soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard, hard) as well as how he/she will react in various situations. Then each puppy is evaluated for conformation. This details all the positive and negative physical structural characteristics of the pup according to the breed standard. From this examination, the evaluator can determine if the puppy is a pet, breed, or show quality.

After the LER, the breeder and evaluator will go over the requirements of each applicant and the qualities of each puppy. If you want a cuddle/clinging dog, only pups that show that quality will be considered. If you want a dog to run with, the very quiet laid back ones are not what you are looking for or need.

The only time your “placement order” comes into play is when there are two or more people with the same requirements. The only time you may get to choose between pups is when there are two or more that meet your requirements. However, in your case, let’s say, two pups do meet your needs: one is a gray sable while the other is a brown sable. You will then be offered the brown sable as this was a desired requirement if possible.

Remember, the more preferences you have, the longer you may have to wait for your pup. Let us know what your priorities are in a pup, but also let us know where you can be flexible, so you won't need to wait as long to get your pup.


Rocky Mountain Shilohs Kennel - Download FilesDABLE FILES (PDF Format)

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